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Elf on the Shelf

December 2, 2011

So this year was the first year we adopted our Elf on the Shelf to help maintain our best behavior this Christmas. Munchkin named him Elliott. Boy, is Elliott a handful, and this is only his second day in the house.

When Munchkin got home from school, she found a box from the North Pole on the front step.

But, wait! The box was opened! Had our dear new friend been abducted? Were we not going to see our elf? Would Santa never know of Munchkin’s behavior? NOOOOOOOOO.

We searched high and low, and high and low, and high…

Oh, Hi, Elliott. (Notice that he has a picture so that he knows which child is in his new family. We do have several kids from the neighborhood who visit regularly, so he’s got to make sure he gets them right.Some of the other children have elves of their own, so maybe Elliott can find a friend in the neighborhood, too.)

So last night Elliott traveled back to the North Pole to update Santa and came back. He didn’t hesitate to begin elfish antics. Munchkin woke up to this -

Not wanting to damage anything before her friends could see what Elliott was up to, this is how she exited her room.

Are we sure it was the work of our sweet, new family member, Elliott? Well, you view the evidence and make your own judgement. In the bathroom, we found this -

And looking up, we saw this -

BUSTED!!!!!! Throughout the day, I guess Elliott didn’t want to hang there, so he took up the toilet paper, and made himself comfy until when he has to jaunt back off to the North Pole to update Santa later tonight.

I wonder what other hi-jinx Elliott will perform during his stay with us this holiday season. Have you adopted your own elf this year? If so, I’d love to hear about your adventures. If you have a blog, please post a link in the comments, or just simply share your story.