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Don’t even say it

March 14, 2007

I know that I’m talking to myself and frankly, I’m OK with that. I can always pretend that someone out there is reading this and silently scolding me when they don’t see that I’ve updated….or mebbe they’re outright cursing me. Anywayz…on to excitement.

Right now my house smells like a charred briquette. No, we didn’t have a house fire…a couple weeks ago DH overflowed the meatloaf in the over with no pan underneath. Now, every time we fire up the oven, a li’l smoke leaks out and makes this woooooooonderfuuuuull smell. Of course, I don’t know how to clean the oven – isn’t it supposed to be one of those self cleaning things???? So I live with the smell from week to week…hoping that with time it will fade. At this rate, I’m thinking it will take an eternity.

DD is still asking me about her turtle. I mostly got it done….well all the pieces are done and only the legs need stuffing and the whole thing needs assembly. Possibly before she turns 4 next month????

I’m still working on my website for my digital scrapbooking stuff. I need to put my pricing pages up. I’ve got most of my work up there now. I should make a portfolio book. Heck there’s a lot that I should do or have intended to do, but haven’t done it. I wanted to make a scrapbook of our trip to Vegas…I’ve only got about 4 or 5 layouts done. I wanted to scrap our wedding….haven’t done anything yet except to put one of our pics faded onto a background. Wanted to make a portfolio book – not sure what I would put in it. I also want to get more creative with my digital work. I want to be able to create my own embellishments and kits to work with.

Well….back to a lightly toasting roasting scent for another half hour or so…..

Knitting Crisis!!!!

January 18, 2007

Crisis on the knitting front. Well…let me calm you by saying that the crisis was ultimately averted, but for a while there we were all a little worried. Pink and purple turtle was not touched while I was stuck inside during the ice storm. We were on our way to grandma’s house for dinner. I had all intentions of taking pink/purple turtle with me and making a little more progress to appease DD. Before heading out into the chilly, slick outter world, I packed up the knitting bag and grabbed p/p turtle from where he had fallen when one of the pups stuck their nose into my bag to see what was in there. I noticed something detrimental. There were only 3 dpn’s. WHAT? Turtle was near the edge of being under the couch, so I pushed it aside and muddled through all the forgotten toys to see if it was sniggled among them. (Those of you with young children can relate to toys under the couch. If little one can’t find a toy, begin with in and under the couch.) I wanted to cry. The much needed dpn was not there. How was I going to tell DD that her mommy couldn’t work on her turtle because a needle was missing. I broke the terrible news. She didn’t cry, didn’t whine….instead she put on her detective face and said “I’ll help you find the needle, mommy. Is it blue?” I assured her that we would find it. After 20 minutes of searching, we found nothing. I knew that we had to leave the house to be able to return after dinner before the temp dropped and the roads became icy again. I mentally vowed to search again when I got home.

Off to dinner……………….back to home. I sat down and began pulling items out of my knitting bag. Wondering if I hadn’t overlooked it among the tangles of scissors, tape measures and pens found in the bottom of the bag. I pulled out the purple skein. I saw the 3 needles and a crochet hook tucked inside the skein. I reached in to pull them out and felt something. AHA! Eureka! Arggg!! (Mythbusters pirate edition is on.)I felt soooo dumb. As soon as DD saw it, she was sure to let me know that now her turtle could be finished. I guess now I’m off to knit……after browsing a few blogs. :))

Icy Chill Chillin’

January 16, 2007

Well…there’s no work today. The ice storm came through and made eveything slick. DH is still going to work in about 5 hours. I worry. It’s so slick. I worry a little about him driving in it, but mostly about how others don’t know how to drive in it. People thinking that they can go the speed limit on slick roads. Ridiculous.

OK. I know what you’re thinking. If I’m stuck at home then I can catch up on the knitting. I should. I have a hat that I’ve been working on for my sister that’s been on the needles for over a year. A HAT! I don’t think that I even remember what pattern I was basing it off of. I may have to frog it and start over….ugghhh. I hate frogging things. It’s such a set back. In the words of DD – you gots ta do whacha gots ta do.

I thought about working on updating my pattern database. I created one in access – complete with pictures. I have a whole notebook of patterns I collected years ago that I haven’t put into the electronic database.

January 15, 2007

My pup is feeling better. Not back to 100% but at least not what she was. She’s eating little bits of turkey which is a good sign.

I went into work today, but they sent us home at 10:45 due to bad weather. Tomorrow’s forecast is supposed to be worse. I’m debating on whether to go into work or just stay at home. I can use a personal day and stay at home. Hopefully, we will be closed, so I won’t have to take a personal day.

OK. I’ve started on purple Sheldon. Hopefully he/she will get a different name. Want proof that’s he/she is begun? Here ya go:

That’s the head. We’ll see how long it takes to finish this one.

Time for a Facelift???

January 13, 2007

Is anyone as tired as I am of looking at my blah blog? Call me lazy. I looked at instructions on how to customize the templates, but I just don’t get it. I could delve deeper and learn, but do I really want to? Do I want to stay in the comfort of blahdom? Sure…it would be interesting to change things up, but then that might require me to provide creative thought into my blog. (And we all know that I don’t do that now.) I don’t know what I want to do. I know that I want to stay with a free option no matter what – for 2 reasons:

1. I am cheap. YUP. Just ask DH. He’ll vouch for me. And…
2. I don’t blog often enough to justify to myself paying for anything. Heck, I had a free website and I’ve let it go to crap. I need to re-do it, but can’t think of how I want it to look. Project for the future.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –

I did it. I took the plunge and tried editing my own layout. Well, I got a template and then customized it. Any comments? I guess it’s OK. Until I get more creative.

OK. I mentioned the other day that I finished Sheldon. Here’s pictures:

Naked Sheldon

Sheldon and his shell

Sheldon all cozy

I added the tail because there isn’t one on the original pattern. My DS says it looks like a turd, but a cute one.

Who is more terrible than I?

January 10, 2007

I know, I’m terrible, but who reads this but me? Probably no one. But I know this isn’t for others. It’s for myself.

I suffered a small disappointment this week. I know that I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I am slightly upset. I participated in a digital scrapbooking contest this week. I actually put hard work into these things. I thought for sure I was going to advance to the second round….but, alas, I did not. **sigh** Why am I so down? I want to be good at digital work, but eveytime I post something, I don’t get very many comments. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I mean it could be a good thing…there’s nothing bad for others to say. Then again it could be bad – the layouts are so bad that no one has anything nice to say, or they’re so common that no one can say anything about them.

I did have some accomplishments this week. I finished Knitty’s Sheldon the Turtle for a little boy who’s turtle recently passed away. Hopefully it will make a good gift. DD keeps asking me when I will make hers. It’s so cute. His is neon green and kelly green. She wants hers to be neon pink and purple. We certainly won’t lose her turtle anywhere. I have yet to start on it though.

The work front is getting better. My manager mentioned a supervisor position to me. The only bad thing is that it is in OKC. I don’t feel like relocating. Today she mentioned travelling to me. Going to different sites to assist in training and helping the new teams that are being set up. Interesting opportunity I think. The only drawback would be that it is time away from the family. It might not be too bad if it’s for short spurts. I guess it could be something to discuss with DH.


October 11, 2006

Why are some people soooo….ugh….they only think about themselves. I have co-workers who only think about what they have to gain. I’ve gotten two awards in one week for my work that I’ve done. Some people on the team resent me because of it. I was just doing my job. They could get those types of things too if they would go the small extra mile. I didn’t go very far (if at all) out of my way to help the customer. They don’t want to help someone who’s business makes up their paycheck.

Then there’s someone close to me who only seems to care about what they can’t afford or what they could afford but only if they neglected others. My thought is why get for yourself when there are others you can get things for. I am not crying on the things that I haven’t been able to get because I got others something that they wanted instead of getting for myself. It’s so frustrating that the world today is me, mine, and myself. C’mon people. We’re here together, so let’s start thinking of each other.

I guess I’m just one of those people who really means it when they say they don’t care if they get a gift or not when there is time to give gifts. Yes, I will admit that it is nice to get gifts, but it’s not a necessity to survive. Just knowing someone is thinking about me makes that enough. Or I could get a gift, but it doesn’t have to be anything lavish. Simple is sometimes the nicest gift.

OK. So my resolution hasn’t gone so well so far. But I did finally pick up a knitting project that I know I haven’t looked at in over a year. I am making a really cute sweater. I do have two fears though. The first being not having enough yarn to complete the project. I am using yarn from a ripped apart cardi. (Is there a difference between ripped apart and frogged???) The second fear is that it won’t fit me. I have about 95% of the body done and it fits around me, it just looks odd up top (I have been endowed in the upper body department). There is an insert in the chest area. I have not made it yet, so I’m hoping that when it’s complete it will tie everything together. I actually had to teach myself filet crochet for this one. I don’t think that I’m adventurous enough to try a full-scale crochet project. I’m having a hard enough time just doing filet repeats. Maybe I’ll follow through with my resolution in the coming holiday season. Who knows?

A Declaration

October 7, 2006

Should I call this a declaration or a resolution. I know, I’m a little late for New Years. I could resolve to make entries more often, but we all know from looking at my track record how good I am at that. I want to resolve to get pictures of my WIP’s. I have a baby blanket, a sweater for myself (let’s hope it fits and that I have enough yarn to finish it), a sock, a shrug (I may frog it becuase it just isn’t rubbing me the right way), and I’m sure there are some that I have forgotten about that have been stashed away only to be stumbled upon later. When I find them, I will frantically search my diminishing memory bank for what row I was on and refresh myself on what the pattern should look like.

Congratulations this week go to Stephanie. She joined the rest of us who can check the Married box in surveys.

Bakin’ the easy way

September 16, 2006

We pulled out the Easy Bake oven today. Our daughter got it for either her birthday or christmas. Did you know that you don’t have to use the pre-made mixes? There are recipes out there that tell you how to make your own mixes. Call me stupid, but I thought that the mixes were special. We made Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies (from the mix – I don’t think we’ve quite made it to the level of making our own stuff yet.) We left them in for the specified time, but they turned out a little gooey chewy. Very tastey tho. Not any faster than making the break and bake cookies, but there was bonding in this process.

Today is football day…..ugh. Who invented it? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with football. It’s just that when I was growing up it was always on TV, so I’m not partial to watching it when I was forced to watch it when I was young. We only had one TV, so if you were in the room, you had to watch it. DH wants me to watch it with him. At first he thought I didn’t want to watch it because I didn’t understand it. I understand it all too well.

I haven’t finished any knitting in a while. That’s sad, I know. I am working on a baby blanket and am thinking about starting on a second one. I know too many people going to have babies. I have also browsed some sites and found some potential projects that I would like to start. It’s just a matter of finding the right yarn. Being on a budget, it will more than likely come down to acrylic. Please don’t throw the stones.

Do they know….

July 20, 2006

So we were talking at work today about reality shows. These are becoming so popular. In every talent-based show you always see someone who just….dare I say it…sux beyond belief …doesn’t realize that they have no talent. We were all wondering if the producers actually pay these people extra to audition, or do these people genuinely believe that they have whatever talent they are displaying on national – maybe even worldwide – television. How could their friends let them even try it? What do they do when they see the replays on TV? Do they cringe at the sight of themselves, or do they really think that they’re good? Makes you wonder.

Today I started on a second sock. Twice. The first time I didn’t realize that it was in k2p2 ribbing. I was doing k1p1 ribbing. The first sock is desperately awaiting a mate. It has been waiting for months. Do I have SSS (second sock syndrome)? I must admit that I do. I have made several lonely socks. It boggles my mind why I don’t complete the pair. I do simple, plain socks. I don’t quite understand the whole lace or patterned sock phase. Can you wear them inside shoes? Do people wear handknit socks with shoes at all or simply to lounge around in? Wouldn’t the lace or patterned ones feel odd against one’s feet inside a shoe?